In 2008, Mighty Activity invented and introduced its "No-Tool Assembling" device to the furniture market. With this device, consumers can assemble K/D furniture without using any tools in a fast and easy manner. This type of "innovative" furniture brings modern convenience and ease to people's everyday life.

Assembling with traditional cam-locks is complicated and time consuming. More importantly, when a piece of furniture is improperly assembled, it becomes dangerously unstable and causes damage to the furniture, which results in a higher product return rate. Our "No-Tool Assembling" device serves as an excellent solution to this problem.

After years of marketing and promotional efforts, our No-Tool Assembling System is extremely well-received in North America. Many clients now adopt No-Tool Assembling System in their products, as they witnessed a significant increase in sales every year.

Knowing this invention leads the market, we focused on enhancing our production skills and efficiency and started mass producing in 2009. We managed to bring down production costs that are similar to using traditional cam-locks, making our pricing very competitive in the market.

Mighty Activity owns global patent of No-Tool and widely uses it in various wooden home furniture products.

Besides buying from our collections, your own designs are welcomed. Our engineering design team is well-experienced in applying No-Tool device to a variety of furniture designs. Adopting No-Tool will help create value and uniqueness in your products, Mighty Activity has successfully helped clients in building brand names and differentiate from the market. Our clients not only make a reasonable profit but also save themselves from price-cutting competition.


Advantages Of No-Tool Assembling System

  1. Adds value to your products, making them unique in the market
  2. A better profit and less cut-throat price competition
  3. Does NOT necessarily cost more than using traditional hardware
  4. Furniture can be easily and repeatedly assembled and disassembled, without causing damage
  5. Fast and easy to assemble, which lowers product return rate
  6. International Patent: Your designs are protected, giving you exclusivity in the market


Our Goals

Our primary goal is to help generate more sales for our clients and achieve their targets. Furthermore, we hope to bring more convenience and joy to people around the world with our No-Tool invention.

A Comparison With Traditional Hardware Accessories:


Quick Assembling System

Traditional Hardware Accessories

(cam-locks, screws…)

  • no tools required
  • easy to assemble and disassemble
  • fast and requires little efforts
  • stable after being assembled
  • many different tools required
  • many pieces of hardware accessories
  • complicated to assemble and disassemble
  • time consuming
  • wobbly if improperly/incorrectly assembled


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