How to Assemble

Here are some of the No-Tool devices that we commonly use



Latch Locker

Step 1: Find the latch locker and align the hole on wooden board.

Step 2: Insert the locker into the hole to connect two boards together.

Step 3: Turn the latch to the other side to interlock tightly.

Sliding Connector

Step 1: Find the sliding connectors and align side panels to the back board.

Step 2: Connect two side panels to the back board.

Step 3: Slide down to connect side panels tightly.

Air-Compressed Dowel

Step 1: Find the air-compressed dowels at the top corners of the console.

Step 2: Align dowels to the holes on the tabletop.

Step 3: Push the tabletop down. The air-compressed dowels will push the air out and connect tightly.

Click Pin

Step 1: Find the woodblocks that are located on the bottom of tabletop.

Step 2: Align hole on the woodblock to the hole, then insert the click pin into the hole to connect together.

Step 3: Push the click pin all the way to the end for a tight connection.

Bolting Hinge

Step 1: Find the pre-installed bolting hinge sets on the cabinet doors and side panels.

Step 2: Insert the bolt into its matching hinge.

Step 3: Push down to the end to connect tightly.

Adjustable Hinge

Step 1: Find the pre-installed adjustable hinge on the doors and side panels.

Step 2: Align the pair of hinge together.

Step 3: Push and click to connect tightly


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